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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Role of Valerie (Script #83)

Valerie: I’m sorry Mrs. Lawrence, but I’m afraid coming down here won’t change anything. For the time being custody of Victor has been awarded to the state.

Reader: I have a good job now and I’m not seeing that man anymore.

Valerie: I’m afraid the investigation has been completed. There I appeals process. I can give you the forms.

Reader: Just tell me where he is. His birthday is Wednesday. I bought him some new tennis shoes. He always wanted those.

Valerie: You know I can’t do that.

Reader: You’re keeping him from me! He needs me!

Valerie: No, he most certainly does not.

Reader: How dare you!

Valerie: How dare I? How dare you come down here with a brand new pair of shoes, your nails done and a designer handbag and think you deserve anything. You, who beat that boy with a broom handle, burned his hand on the stove and kept him locked in a closet while you and your boyfriend dealt narcotics off your back porch. You deserve to be locked up but that’s not up to me. Grace can get you the appeal paperwork on your way out.

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