Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Role of Rhonda (Script #82)

Rhonda: Honey, have you seen my purse?

Reader: Huh?

Rhonda: My purse? Have you seen it?

Reader: Nope.

Rhonda: It’s the black one. My keys are in there and I can’t find it anywhere!

Reader: That’s nice.

Rhonda: You’re watching the game and not listening to anything I’m saying!

Reader: Yeah, okay honey.

Rhonda: When I find my keys I’m going to take your credit card...and then I’m going to spend an awful amount of money on clothes you’ll think I don’t need.

Reader: Yeah, you do that.

Rhonda: Oh, look, there it is.

Reader: Oh, honey? Can you make me some nachos?

Rhonda: I can’t. I’m taking your advice and going shopping.

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